Goodbye Holy Trinity

Author: Vicar Corey Bergman

A little over 365 days ago I walked through the front doors of Holy Trinity for the first time. I had just moved into the Becker’s and experienced a very rude introduction to the swampy heat of a DC area summer. Joan showed me where I would work, the main office, and finally the sanctuary.

If you’ve never had the chance to walk into the sanctuary on a sunny Thursday summer afternoon you are really missing something. The light is always hitting the windows just right, so rainbows of color are scattered across the floor. The AC is cranked so on a hot day it’s like the perfect little refrigerator, and there is almost a stillness to the silence as if the Spirit was taking a nap among the pews. I was so excited to be in that place and begin to meet and learn about you all.

Little did I know that much of what I experienced in the sanctuary that day would be a perfect preview of who you are. The scattered light from the windows are like the beautiful combinations and colors of personalities, passions and identities that make up Holy Trinity. You have people passionate about food justice, working with youth, service with hands and feet, people dedicated to liturgy, music, and so much more. And when you all let yourselves shine with the brilliance of the light of God you can see so many amazing things going on in our space.

The coolness of the sanctuary (which sometimes literally does feel like a refrigerator on Sunday mornings) in contrast to the heat of the outside displayed how this community is a place of comfort, rest, and welcome in the face of all that goes on in the world and in our own lives. Somedays I came to church heavy laden with burdens and coming into the sanctuary on Sunday morning was always a place where I could find relief. Together as we welcomed each other with peace, shared in the forgiveness of the table, and raised our voices in song I found peace. It’s just part of the environment you all create each and every week.

Lastly, the stillness that made it seem as if the Spirit was in the pews showed exactly that. That the Holy Spirit is alive and doing wonderful and marvelous things at Holy Trinity. Things that I have felt so lucky to have been a part of this last year. Celebrating the 70th and RIC, gathering supplies for those in need in Puerto Rico, and being in service to those in need in our very own community during Hypothermia week. Some things ended and new ones began but nobody seemed to panic or overreact. You all kind of went along with a still calmness that shows such faith and trust in God, Jesus, and the Spirit.

I am sad to be leaving this place, and this community. I’m thankful for all you have shared with me. Most importantly, I’m excited to take all the ways you have taught me and shaped me into my own future ministry.

Peace and Blessings Holy Trinity.