Committees & Ministries

There are many people who contribute to the community and programs here at Holy Trinity. They tirelessly and faithfully dedicate their time and talent to make our church the special place that it is. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these committees, please contact us at to get connected.


Altar Guild

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Altar Guild, the sanctuary is decorated with flowers and seasonal adornments every Sunday. 

Hospitality Committee

These are the welcoming faces you'll meet at any of our services. Our Hospitality Committee greets visitors and church members, and they serve as resources from which to learn more about our community.

Knitters Guild

Do you love knitting? Our Knitters' Guild is the place for you! 

Older, Wiser, Loving Souls (OWLS)

A group for older members of our congregation to join in fellowship and community. Featured activities include potlucks and service projects.

Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Committee

Holy Trinity is a proud Reconciling in Christ Community, which means that we are one of the more than 700 Lutheran churches nationwide that publicly welcome our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Our RIC Committee provides programs and events that encourage diversity and inclusivity in Christ.

Social Ministry Team

Our Social Ministry Team is one of the newer groups in our church, and they are charged with leading our outreach and community service efforts in our neighborhood and the wider global community. Past initiatives include donation drives for local organizations like Lutheran Social Services, Graham Road Elementary School, and food pantries.

Sunday School Supers and Teachers

These are people who make our Sunday School programming possible. In addition to weekly lessons, these volunteers also organize special events like our annual Christmas pageant. 

Vitality Committee

The Vitality Committee sits at the very heart of the Holy Trinity Community. They lead events and activities that bring people together and make our community stronger. 

Holy Trinity Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (WELCA)

WELCA brings the women of Holy Trinity together for learning and fellowship, including Bible studies and special discussions.