Children in Worship

All are Welcome

At Holy Trinity, we believe children are a vital part of the community and fully welcome their presence in worship.  Children can find a sense of identity and belonging in the ritual of worship and weekly worship connects them with God and a faith family.

All worshiper responses and hymns are printed in a bulletin that is easy for children to follow and our services include a Children’s Message each week. We also provide Spark Bibles in the pews, which are specifically designed to allow children in grades 3-6 to follow along with the Scripture readings.

Participation in Holy Communion is available at a young age.  And youth at Holy Trinity are encouraged to participate as worship volunteers – acolytes, ushers, lectors, and greeters.  On an annual Youth Sunday, our youth assume all worship leader and assistant roles.

Worship Support for Parents

We know there are times when sitting for an hour can be too much for little ones. Activity bags may be picked up at the back of the Sanctuary to help occupy younger children, but you should always feel free to leave the Sanctuary with your child if you need to do so,  And we have resources to support parental worship in that situation. These include a professionally staffed Nursery just outside the Sanctuary, where children ages 0-5 can be entrusted to our credentialed staff, and audio of the worship service being provided in the seating area just outside the Sanctuary.