Bible Studies

Sundays | 8:45 - 9:45 am(SePTEMBER-MAY)

Monthly Women’s Bible StUDIES

Are you curious about how reading and learning about the Bible can connect you with people in your community and deepen your life as a disciple of Christ? Our Bible studies are the perfect place to get started! There's no need to prepare anything - just bring yourself, a Bible, and a willingness to think and learn. The Bible is at the very center of our Christian life and Holy Trinity's Bible studies provide opportunities for adults of all ages to share ideas and convictions in loving, grace-filled responses to what we read together. 

Sunday Morning Bible Study

The Sunday Morning Bible Study, led by Deacon Deb Haynes, most recently studied what the Spirit was doing in Acts as a way to discern what it may be doing today in our lives and church.  Although Sunday Morning Bible Study is now on summer hiatus, it will re-start on September 15th. No prior knowledge is required, so bring your curiosity to the HT Library this fall and take advantage of this opportunity to deepen your understanding and faith.

Monthly Women’s Bible Studies

Two groups of Holy Trinity women meet on a monthly basis between September and May to engage with Scripture in a more intimate setting. The Naomi Circle Bible Study meets on Sunday evenings and a combined Miriam/Lydia Circle Bible Study meets on Friday afternoons. Specific meeting dates are listed on the Church Calendar. All are welcome!